30+ Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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​If you have not finished your Christmas shopping, then you are like the millions of people who will be doing last-minute shopping at the end of December. However, if you start getting ideas for what you can get the coffee lover in your life, then you won’t have to rush during the eleventh hour to get something that they’ll like.

So, if you need some inspiration about what you can buy the coffee fiends in your life, then check out the 30+ Christmas gift ideas on this list so that you can get great options to pick from and be able to surprise your friends and family with the best coffee-themed gifts of the year.

1. A Funny Coffee Mug

Although the coffee lovers on your list will likely have a few mugs that they love, getting them a unique and funny mug can be a great option that will keep them laughing each morning when they see it.

A Funny Coffee Mug
1,666 Reviews
A Funny Coffee Mug

You can find options like this which features a to-do list that includes waking up, having coffee, pooping, and being awesome.

You can find many different choices to pick from – like the one that reads, “This is humerus” and shows a photo of the humerus bone – or get a customized option with their face on it. Getting a gift like this will bring a smile to their face and will work as something that they frequently use.

So, find a funny mug with a cute saying or hilarious photo on it and get that coffee snob smiling.

2. Subscription For Gourmet Coffee Beans

For those who often like to try a new roast or import interesting flavored beans, they will enjoy getting a subscription for gourmet coffee beans every month through the mail. Through these services, they will receive hand-selected flavors and roasts that fit their taste and get to try new options every month.

subscription Bean Box

Bean Box – Deluxe Holiday Coffee Sampler

With a subscription to a service like Bean Box, you can send them a specially-curated holiday edition bundle that comes with multiple bags of holiday-inspired flavors to kick off their new year. Get them out of their coffee comfort zone and trying new flavors throughout the year with this great gift.

3. Death Wish – The World’s Strongest Coffee

Getting a death wish for Christmas may sound pretty bleak, but for coffee lovers, they know what that means: the world’s strongest coffee

Death Wish Ground Coffee
36,642 Reviews
Death Wish Ground Coffee

The Death Wish Coffee Co. has created the strongest roast around and those who dare to try it will love the potent aroma and deep, rich flavor.

You can purchase these ground beans in one, three, or five pounds packages so that you can give them a chance to just get a taste or stick with it for the rest of the year for a consistent caffeine buzz. For coffee drinkers who love the dark roasts, this is sure to be a hit.

4. Coffee Mug Warmer

A cup of Joe that has gone cold may just be the bane of a coffee lover’s existence. However, you can help fix that by buying them a coffee mug warmer. 

Coffee Mug Warmer
615 Reviews
Coffee Mug Warmer

This contraption allows you to set the mug on the warming plate and will keep the coffee at the perfect drinking temperature.

This item can be used at their house or taken to their office so they can have hot coffee all day. This product comes with two heat functions so that they can lower the temperature as they drink the coffee as to not overheat the last few sips. There is also an automatic shut-off for safety so they can use this with confidence.

5. Coffee-Themed Coloring Book

Though trends come and go, there is one that has held on tight because of all the benefits it gives to your brain. 

Coffee-Themed Coloring Book
252 Reviews
Coffee-Themed Coloring Book

This trend is coloring books for adults. You can find them in a multitude of themes, but a coffee-themed coloring book may just be the thing for the coffee fiend on your list.

These coloring books can help you de-stress from a hectic workday and they have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve focus as well as promote better sleep patterns. Long term, these books may also help prevent early on-set dementia by keeping your brain active. So, get them a useful gift that will also help boost their creativity.

6. Whiskey and Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans

Drinkers who enjoy a nice black cup of coffee every day during the week are often the same people who like to drink a neat scotch or whiskey on the weekends. So, why not bring those two worlds together with whiskey and rum barrel-aged coffee beans.

Whiskey and Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans
1,893 Reviews
Whiskey and Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans

Cooper’s Cask Coffee ages their coffee beans in liquor barrels so that they have a hint of either single malt whiskey, rye whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, or rum.

This will bring out the bitter flavor of the coffee and blend with the oaky flavor of the whiskey to create a unique flavor profile every time. Fans of Irish coffee will love the taste and the extra kick without having to wonder who will be able to drive them home!

7. Bring Me Coffee – Socks

These novelty socks work to keep your feet and your belly warm by offering a phrase on the bottom of the sole that reads, “If you can read this, Bring me coffee.” These Christmas gifts are functional and funny and will make your coffee lover chuckle.

These socks come in three different options that finish the sentence with either wine, chocolate, or coffee. Of course, the coffee option will be the best for the person on your list, but you can also use the other choices for other people on your list.

8. Cold Brew Cans of Death Wish Coffee

For the hectic lifestyles of modern men and women, there may be times when even the most avid coffee drinkers don’t the time to make their own cup of coffee. So, prepare them for these days by supplying them with a pack of cold brew Death Wish coffee cans.

These coffee cans come with cold brew Death Wish coffee which is the strongest in the world and will give the smooth roast with a slight hint of sweetness. Stock their fridge with these cans and they will get the caffeine kick they need even when they barely have time to run out of the door. Plus, they will love seeing the ominous packaging that simply reads, “Death Wish,” in white lettering on an all-black bag.

9. Coffee for Your Heart

For the females on your list, you want to give them something special. So, get them Coffee for Your Heart, which is a book of affirmations to read each morning to give positive vibes to them when they need it.

This book is a great gift to give for the book lovers on your list too so they can sip their cup of coffee as they read in the morning. This way, they will get a bit of encouragement along with their wake-up call and start their day on a positive note.

10.  A Coffee Calendar

Everyone needs a new calendar at the end of the year to prepare for the coming new year, so why not give them something that they need with photos of something they love. With a coffee calendar, they can write down important upcoming events while looking at photos of unique coffee shops, roasted beans, and latte art.

A gift doesn’t have to be gag-worthy, or expensive, but something that is thoughtful and appreciated. You know that they will likely get gift cards to coffee shops from many, so get something different A functional and beautiful calendar may just be the right option for the coffee lover on your gift list.

11. Insulated To-Go Cup

For the fast-working, always on the go friends and family members, check off an insulated to-go coffee cup so that they can take their hot drink wherever they go. For business men and women that travel to meetings after meetings, they can take their cup with them and keep their drink piping hot.

These cups offer great insulation in the walls so that the heat won’t escape and their coffee will stay at a drinkable temperature for longer. They also come in fun colors and designs so you can pick the perfect match for each coffee lover you know.

12. Coffee, Books, and Cats T-Shirt

Everyone can use a graphic tee in their life, so why not get one that encompasses everything that they love in one shirt? This option comes with graphics in the form of a coffee cup on a saucer, a stack of books, and a kitten for the animal and coffee lovers.

With soft cotton that is machine washable, this shirt will give them a laugh and show a bit of their personality when they wear it. So, get this cute t-shirt for the coffee and cat lovers that you know and check another person off your gift list.

13. Electronic Milk Frother

Many coffee lovers like to enjoy an especially strong cup of espresso from time to time. However, to get the perfect espresso, you need to create a nice layer of crema on the top. Typically, this is created by a specialty espresso machine that can cost a lot of money.

So, for those who don’t want to spend that much to get their perfect cup, get them an electronic milk frother. This will allow them to have a nice layer of foam on the surface of their coffee and will enhance the rich flavors of the grinds. Trust me, they will love this!

14. Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee aficionados will have a coffee maker that they like at home, but not everyone will have a pour-over coffee maker. These are a great option for those who want a flavorful cup of coffee because of the mesh filter that assists in extracting the coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors more than a paper filter.

Coffee lovers will be able to taste the difference with this coffee maker and know that they are getting a well-made cup every time they use it. Plus, they can use it to make up to 8 cups when they entertain guests, and it can be thrown in the dishwasher when they’re done using it. With these features, they will enjoy their coffee every time they make it.

15. Coffee Art Book

If you know a coffee lover that wants to make latte art just like their favorite barista can, then the Coffee Art Book might be the right present for them. With instructions on how to make latte art, and how you can use your creativity to create small-scale masterpieces, they will learn how to decorate their coffee like never before.

From making hearts and flowers to creating swans, unicorns, and 3-D animals, they will become a pro with just a little practice. There are 60 different designs to try, so this will keep them busy learning and creating all year-round.

16.  Coffee Coasters

If placing a hot coffee mug on a counter or table on a boring coaster doesn’t sit right with you, then get your loved one a coffee themed handmade coaster that they will love to use. These coasters are artisan-crafted with no two that look exactly the same.

They are made from real wood and have wood burned quotes and images on them, like the one that reads, “Coffee, because adulting is hard,” complete with a hot cup of coffee in the middle. These coasters are cute, handmade, and functional so your coffee lover will get lots of use out of them.

17. French Press Coffee Maker

If the coffee lover in your life still uses a cheap plastic coffee maker or spends good money on a coffee shop cup before work, then a French press coffee maker might be the right fit for them. This French press option comes with a glass and metal construction for durability and will keep the coffee heated for longer.

A French press creates a more full-bodied taste and is great for dark roasts so that the rich roasted flavor is front and center. A coffee fiend will love the fresh flavor and with the ability to make premium tasting coffee at home, this could even save them quite a large sum of money too.

18. The Coffee Lover’s Book

For the coffee snobs on your Christmas list, you can gift them the Coffee Lover’s Book so that they will get interesting information about their favorite drink. From tips on how to make certain coffee drink recipes to the interesting facts about how coffee was made throughout history, they can find out more about these delightful beans.

Inside the book, there are also tips on how to brew the best-tasting coffee, and where in the world to go to get the best coffee beans. So, if you still need a present for a coffee lover in your life, then get them this book so they can learn new recipes and facts while enjoying their cup of the day.

19. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Although making coffee is an easy process, those who like chemistry can appreciate the work that goes into each cup of Joe and the frothy foam or crema that is made from steaming milk and layered over espresso.

For those who are interested in science, but also like to get their caffeine buzz on, they will love this unique caffeine molecule necklace. This necklace looks exactly like the chemical structure for caffeine so that you show off your science side while remaining hip and stylish. With four different colors to choose from, you can get the one that fits your coffee aficionado the best.

20. God, Coffee, and Me

For the devout coffee drinkers on your Christmas gift list, you may want to get them something that celebrates their love for God as well as their love for coffee. Well, with the God, Coffee, and Me prayer journal, you can strike the perfect, delicate balance.

This book comes with 90 different Bible verses to ruminate on so that they can read one a day while sipping their morning coffee and write notes about how they incorporate this lesson into their life. This will help them keep their faith, and their coffee, strong so that they can get up and face the day.

21. Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies

Coffee in the morning goes great with any breakfast, but sometimes an afternoon pick-me-up is just what the doctor ordered. So, get the coffee lover on your list something to boost their midday coffee break with, like a box of Milano cookies.

These hard cookies are perfect for dipping into a cup of coffee to soften them up and the dark chocolate flavor blends nicely with the roasted flavor.

22. Mini Espresso Maker

Everyone knows that the coffee available at the office is not going to be the best quality, so you should give your coffee lover a mini espresso maker. That way, they can take a great-tasting cup wherever they go for an extra pick-me-up for that 2 o’clock slump.

This mini espresso maker is compact and extremely lightweight so they can toss it in their bag before going to work and it won’t weight them done. This little machine will give them hot espresso whenever they want with just a few pushes.

23. Keurig Sampler Pack

Does your friend or family member use a Keurig instead of a traditional coffee maker? Then get them a sampler pack of Keurig pods for them to try out. This pack contains 20 different flavors so they can get a taste of many options and pick their favorites.

Not only will this give them something more to look forward to when having their morning cup of coffee, but it may also open them up to new options. With this gift, they can try new things and find a new favorite flavor they may not have tried before.

24. The Coffee Dictionary

When you love something, you want to learn as much as you can about it. So, for the coffee lover on your list, get them the Coffee Dictionary so they can read about all-things coffee. From the way that beans are roasted to learning how to brew the perfect cup, they can find out interesting tidbits from every page.

This book goes into detail about each type of coffee bean from the Arabica to the Zambia beans and talks about all the different forms of brewing. So, give them the give of knowledge for Christmas with this handy little book.

25. Coffee Talkies Prank Box

This gift will work with many of the other presents on this list because it is a gag that is meant to hold the real gift inside a ridiculous gift box. The Coffee Talkies Prank Box has a realistic advertisement on the outside of the package that shows a photo of a walkie-talkie that looks like a coffee mug.

This funny prank gift comes empty so that you can trick your friend into thinking that you actually bought these walkie-talkies until they open the box and find their real gift. This will bring some laughs and allow you to have a great time opening gifts. Plus, they can keep the gag box to reuse on someone else later on.

26. Espresso Sea Salt

Spice up their baking recipes with a jar of Espresso Sea Salt that will bring a sprinkle of their favorite flavor into their favorite baked goods. They can put this sea salt on cookies, brownies, or cakes to give them a hint of espresso flavor.

Using this will make their baked sweets compliment their cup of coffee even more and they can even get more adventurous and use this for marinades for meats or veggies while grilling. With an infinite number of recipes available, they can put their favorite flavor into every meal.

27.  Engraved Spoon

If you have a coffee lover friend or family member that you don’t get to see as much as you would like to, then give them a little reminder that you’re not so distant with an engraved spoon. This item comes with an inscription that reads, “Still Having Coffee Together,” with a small heart at the end.

This will remind them that you are with them even when you are not able to be there physically, and let them know that when they are having their morning cup of coffee each day, that you are thinking about them.

28.  Coffee Shop Music CD

When they can’t make it into their coffee shop of choice, or they are at home sick for the day, they can still have the ambiance that they love about stepping into the café. With a coffee shop music CD, they can feel like they are sitting at the corner table and listening to soft instrumental guitars all day.

This relaxing music is a great way to wake up in the morning, and they can enjoy it with their cup of coffee, or to play before they go to bed. The instrumental music can calm them and get them ready to go to sleep while giving them the thought of smelling that fresh cup brewing in the morning.

29. But First, Coffee Bangle

This present is a great option for the coffee-loving ladies on your Christmas list because it gives them a little bit of bling. This coffee bangle has a thin silver band and features a small charm that reads, “But first, coffee,” and has a small cup in the middle. There is also a small charm that is a cup and saucer, as well as a mini open book.

This piece of jewelry is a cute gift that the women on your list will love and it is delicate and elegant enough for them to wear to work or for a night out. With the ability to add more charms to the band, they can choose to purchase more and continue to add to the bracelet as they go.

30. Barnett’s Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

This gift basket is the perfect choice for the chocolate lovers and those with a major sweet tooth. With Barnett’s Biscotti Cookie gift basket, they will get 24 biscotti cookies in a variety of flavors to pick from. This will satisfy their cravings and give them a complimentary sweet with their mug of coffee.

This gift can be given to some of the most restricted eaters on your list because all the ingredients are natural and the cookies are always made without dairy products, and they’re Kosher. So, skip the harmful ingredients and give them a sweet that they don’t have to feel bad about devouring.

31. Coffee Art Maker Set

For the baristas at heart, you can buy them a Coffee Art Maker Set that allows them to have all the tools they need to make foam art on their coffee. This set comes with a coffee sifter that they can use to dust chocolate on the top of their masterpieces and stencils to use when needed.

This set is a great option for those who love the look of latte art but have never been able to do it themselves. Plus, with the tools being multi-purpose, they can use them for other cooking and baking situations so that they get the most use possible out of this gift.

32. Monin Coffee Collection Gourmet Flavorings

This Monin gift pack is a present that flavored coffee lovers will enjoy using because of the delicious options that come together in this set. This Monin Coffee Collection set comes with flavors that complement the taste of coffee, like amaretto, caramel, and Irish cream.

These syrups can easily be poured into their favorite roast to add a bit of sweetness. The pack comes with five flavors to pick from, so they can have one option for each weekday. Plus, they can decide to switch up the flavor every day so that they have a new one each day of the week.

33. Building Block Coffee Mug

This building blocks coffee mug may just be the perfect thing for those who are still kids at heart. The outside of the mug is covered in building block fittings and comes with characters and single blocks that you can attach to create different scenarios.

The mug and blocks are made from BPA-free plastic so that it is safe to drink from and the mug comes with three packs of bricks to start with. They can play with this while they are on their break at work, or while they are at home with the kids so that they can join in on the Lego fun. The cup is compatible with Lego bricks too!

34. Majestic Arabica Coffee Scrub

Smelling fresh coffee is one of the best parts of the morning for a coffee addict, but incorporating that scent into other areas of their daily routine can make it even better. With the Majestic Arabica Coffee Scrub they can wash their faces and smell that scent from heaven as they do it.

Even before they even get their hands on that mug, they can start their day with that rich aroma and wake up feeling even better. This scrub contains dead sea salt and Kona coffee to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells with each use.

It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated while giving your skin a caffeine boost that is shown to help stimulate blood flow and reduce the appearance of age spots. Both men and women can benefit from using this scrub, and any coffee lover is sure to enjoy the scent.

Don’t wait, with only a few weeks left until Christmas day you should order your gifts now to ensure that you receive them on time. With all these options, you are sure to find the best gifts for all of the coffee addicts on your Christmas list in no time!



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