Thirty Weird Coffee Flavors You Might Want To Try

by | May 4, 2018 | Travel

If you’re a true lover of coffee you’ll usually fall into two different camps. You’ll either stick with your favourite, never swaying, staying completely faithful to your tall, milky latte or perhaps your double shot extra-bitter espresso.

Or, you’ll simply adore all-things coffee and be open to trying new flavors, no matter how wild or wacky (and there’s really wacky out there)!

Coffee has been a staple drink for hundreds of years, dating right back to 9th century Ethiopia where it was drunk by goat herders to stay awake during the night. Over the many centuries, there have been a multitude of different drink flavors and coffee has been used in cooking too and even for medicinal purposes. Maybe you’ve drunk it, eaten it and used it as a stimulant to stay awake but we bet you haven’t tried some of the following weird coffee flavors. Read on to learn more.

Maple Bacon Coffee


coffee bacon

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee


If you like bacon, you’ll have to try this lightly roasted coffee drink! Especially geared toward the morning coffee drinker (for those who like their eggs and bacon), this roast comes from Boca Java and has strong piggy bacon overtones. Probably best enjoyed with your fried eggs, beans and toast, it’s not a coffee that you’ll want to have at night unless you do a night shift of course! Buy direct from

Weasel Puke Coffee

Weasel Coffee

Weasel Coffee

This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted and if you feel a little queasy hearing the title, skip this especially if you’re about to eat. These coffee beans have been digested by weasels who seem to leave a residue in their mouths. The remaining residue is removed from the mouth, cleaned, roasted and bagged ready for you to enjoy. Strangely enough, this blend doesn’t sound that pleasurable but maybe if you’re having an awkward coffee with someone you’re not keen on, this is the way to make sure they never want to have coffee with you again!

Jack Daniels Coffee


Jack Daniel’s Coffee

Jack Daniel’s Coffee


Love your alcohol hit? Get it instantly added with Jack Daniels coffee, this whisky flavored coffee is perfect if JD is your favourite tipple. Jack Daniels Coffee and it actually contains no alcohol so you can get straight in your car safe in the knowledge that you aren’t over the limit.

It is made, however, from 100% Arabica coffee beans which gives it that earthy whisky aroma and we do believe this delivers a superior cup of coffee. If you don’t agree, well, at least the packaging looks great and it’s definitely a conversation piece!

Protein Coffee By Javapro

Protein Coffee By Javapro

Protein Coffee By Javapro

This coffee features 80mg of caffeine so will definitely perk you up, add in the 20 g of whey protein powder and you get a powerful punch. For early-morning workouts, this coffee is an absolute must, it will help you deliver a supreme session at the gym and keep your brain in gear for the rest of the day. We think this coffee has longevity (certainly gives you staying power).

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee

This brand of coffee comes from Bob Marley’s son Rohan who has a collection of coffee flavors sourced from Ethipia, Central America and Africa that feature the names of his dad’s songs. Choose from Lively Up, One Love or Buffalo Soldier. Best of all, have all three in your cupboard and put on your favourite Bob Marley tunes while you savour the flavor (and sounds) of Marley coffee.

Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee

Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee

Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee

Coffee and Star Wars has its attraction and Star Wars is everywhere, on mugs, on paper, on games, on mini figures, food and now coffee. Darth Vader’s own brand is hand roasted (by Stormtroopers perhaps?) and officially licensed too. Not really a weird flavor but definitely a weird brand, if you know a Star War’s lover, you’ll have to buy this for their birthday.

Taco Coffee by Coffee Am

Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee

Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee

If you like a Mexican Burrito then you’ll love this Spicy Taco coffee which is heavily infused with exciting Mexican spices and definitely has a meat-flavored undertone. Don’t expect a coffee aroma or flavor but do expect remarkable freshness, every batch ordered is freshly roasted and shipped the same day.

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Believed to be the world’s strongest blend of coffee and featuring 200% more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee, this coffee blend is what you need when you want to stay up all night working, partying or just because you’ve no time for sleep!

Chipotle Ground Coffee

Chipotle Ground Coffee

Chipotle Ground Coffee

Infused with dry chilli, this coffee will literally blow your mind. Chipotle Ground Coffee by World Market is 9 ounces of deliciously flavorsome coffee guaranteed to give you a kick and push you through a busy day with wings! Great tasting and definitely a conversation starter, get this coffee in your kitchen now!

Wake the F*ck Up Coffee

Wake F-ck Up Coffee

Wake F*ck Up Coffee

This one is for you if you’re just not a morning person. As its name suggests, it’s extra-strong and big on the caffeine content. Blended with Brazilian coffee and Costa Rican coffee together it’s artisan roasted and ground up in New Orleans, USA. If you like your coffee steaming hot and really pungent, this one’s your bag especially if your regular coffee doesn’t give you the jitters you’re looking for!

Whiskey Barrel Coffee

If you still want a real alcohol kick to your coffee then this one’s the right choice for your taste buds. This one is rich, full and packed with authentic bourbon all packaged in an attractive bottle with a wax seal. The coffee is aged and roasted in European Air Roasters somewhere in Colorado and really, this is a great coffee to serve after dinner when you want to relax with coffee and liquor, except this way, it’s all rolled into one.

Vanilla Flavored Monkey Spit Coffee

Like the really weird? These beans are sucked on by monkeys and then when they’re finished they spit them out. The beans are then collected because they have a spectacular vanilla flavor. How on earth was this coffee discovered? Well, a farmer in Taiwan got sick of his beans being eaten by monkeys so decided to actually try one himself rather than waste it. He liked it, so decided to try and increase his business by producing Vanilla flavored Monkey Spit Coffee – you be the judge! Unfortunately, this coffee isn’t that easily available but it does exist, promise

Dunkin Donuts Apple Pie Coffee

As the people behind the famous donuts, it’s unsurprising that they’ve brought out coffee to match. This cup of coffee gives you a distinctive apple pie flavor, perfect for when you want to kick back, relax and give yourself a sweet treat. Don’t forget to add a dollop of double cream for real authenticity!

Kahlua Coffee

This Mexican coffee is made out of 100% Arabica coffee beans and sugar cane just like its Kahlua alcoholic brother so it makes sense to combine the two and really, this is one of those coffees that everyone should savour. It’s also great as an iced coffee drink on a hot summer’s day

Chocolate and Banana Coffee

Chocoholics everywhere will love this extra sweet choc and banana flavor coffee, by Café Elegance with all the power of coffee with the naughtiness of coffee and the added niceness of a little banana rolled into one. A good morning choice, while it might sound a little weird it’s actually rather lovely!

Absinthe Coffee

This coffee by World Market has a very interesting liquorice flavor, a little like fennel and anise. While it’s an herbal blend, it’s definitely different and something you might want to offer guests when they tire of your usual favourite coffee blend. Bland it isn’t, that’s for sure!

Workaholics Coffee

This one says exactly what it’s for. For those of you who are chained to their desks, often working well into the small hours, you need something that will keep your brain ticking over and your mind working overtime. The Workaholics Coffee blend is perfect for you. It’s medium roast and comes with its own ready-to-brew cups so you don’t waste any of your valuable time pouring it into a mug.

Kopi Luwak

This coffee from Indonesia really isn’t for you if you’ve got a tender stomach! So stop reading if you’re about to eat. Made from the faeces of a cat that eats coffee beans, it contains a bunch of excellent enzymes, supposedly good for you. The poo is washed before it’s roasted (phew!) and the roasting is done at over 220 Deg C. For poo coffee, it’s really pricey; expect to pay from $50 a cup. If you still want to try it, you can buy it here:

Jacu Bird Coffee

As if the cat faeces coffee isn’t enough, the Brazilian’s have something similar using the Jacu Bird’s faeces. This type of turkey poos out the coffee bean’s they’ve munched on and coffee farmers transform their faeces into drinkable coffee (the poo is washed first). This coffee costs $13 per pound so it’s slightly cheaper than the cat faeces version, if you can stomach it!

Coffee Wine

Well, why not? Those who love a glass of wine in the evening but equally like a nice, hot coffee might like this interesting combination of the two, it kills two birds with one stone! Coffee Wine comes from Friends Fun Wine and there are really some very exciting flavors to try. Choose from Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino or perhaps you prefer your coffee black – then go for the Cabernet Coffee Espresso and there’s no need to brew, this drink conveniently comes straight out of a can.

Coffee Made From Elephant’s Dung

Now this one sounds just plain old gross but actually, it’s the second most expensive type of coffee you can buy in the world. This dung coffee is as it sounds, it comes from the faeces of elephants somewhere in remote North of Thailand (it’s then washed, obviously and hopefully). Farmers then roast the remains before bagging it and selling it to the rest of the world. Perhaps they’re laughing at us? On the upside, it’s low acidity but on the downside, you’re basically drinking poop.

Coffee and Cheese

This isn’t so much a coffee bean as a craze. In Hispanic areas, this coffee is called “Guarapo con Queso” and is prepared by placing a small piece of white cheese in a coffee cup, then you simply add your favourite coffee roast. As well as the Hispanic regions, this coffee is also popular in Finland, where it’s called “Kaffeost”. Try it – it’s something different, and sort of combines your cheese board with your after dinner coffee all at once. Some might call that genius!

Coffee with Egg

Now you’ve got your head around cheesy coffee, why not try the Scandinavian’s favourite tipple coffee with egg? This you can do with egg shells or egg white or even both. Add either (or both) to your coffee grounds before you brew your coffee. They are designed to get rid of the bitter taste. Or, the Vietnamese version includes egg yolks, condensed milk with sugar before pouring over coffee. This one is nice and sweet, more of a dessert than a beverage.

Coffee and Salt

Well, we drink coffee with sugar and we eat salted caramel so this might not sound as gross as it sounds. Introduced by Taiwanese coffee shop 85C Bakery Café in 2008, this coffee is literally your regular favourite coffee drink sprinkled liberally with sea salt. It’s actually delicious, definitely giving your coffee a little kick that you don’t get from your sugar cubes. Try it and see, the worst that can happen is you throw it down the plughole and start again.

Butter Coffee

Butter is a derivative of milk so actually; this flavor makes perfect sense when you think about it logically. Thanks to coffee business Bulletproof Coffee, lots of people put butter in their coffee and it definitely saves on breakfast time. Highly caffeinated with lots of calcium and decidedly creamy, it’s meant to really give you an energy burst, especially when you want a kick-start. Try one if you’re in a hurry to get to work because you had a late night, you might find it’s the wake-up you need!

Lemony Coffee

We already drink lemon tea and it’s perfectly acceptable so why not try this version of coffee – which has a few drops of lemon (or lime) added and some zingy rind for extra buzz. Actually, lemon or lime coffee in the morning is a great pick-me-up although if you don’t like your coffee bitter, perhaps avoid this flavor as it adds more tartness to your favourite drink.

Coffee with Science

This version uses nitrogen as an additive to your favourite coffee. Yes, it’s a weird and yet wonderful concoction that was discovered by Nate Armbrust, a food scientist from Portland in Oregon, USA. He wanted to keep a coffee rich and creamy but bubbly too, without detracting from the original coffee flavor. His idea? Simply to put some nitrogen gas into his cup. He realised he was onto something and so after a few months, got the measurements just right – the drink was then introduced into a coffee shop in Portland where it became an overnight success. Warning – only do this if you’re a highly trained scientist!

Coffee With Fizzy Tonic

Yes, this one sounds strange too and definitely turns your coffee into something with extra zing! If you like tonic, blend your coffee with tonic and enjoy this newly popular combination that people in the coffee world are talking about non-stop. It’s both caffeinated and yet refreshing too. You don’t need to heat it; this is one of those drinks that should be enjoyed ice cold and no need to add milk (milk and tonic? Yuck). Just pour espresso coffee over ice cubes and top up with tonic. It’s really rather nice.

Beery Nice Espresso

We’ve already discussed coffee wine so it seems only right that we mention espresso coffee made with beer. This concoction was dreamt up in Austin, Texas and actually named Coffee Beer Repeat. The drink is made up of two shots of espresso along with two pints of beer. You get that beer you crave along with a huge caffeine hit – it works for us!

Coca-Cola Coffee

This coffee drink uses vanilla coke and is a mix of Coca-Cola, espresso (one or two shots, depending on the strength you want) and vanilla syrup poured over crushed ice. It’s a great refreshing drink along with a hit of caffeine so when you’re busy and the temperature hits hot, this is what you need to take you through the rest of your day.


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