How to Store Coffee Beans at Home?

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You’ve chosen your coffee beans – we suggest to check out our list of the best Kona beans; you’ve got your burr or blade grinder, now you just need to know exactly how to store your coffee beans at home.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Store them well and they’ll last for a long while, making sure you get the best possible flavor every time you grind and brew your favorite coffee.

Store your coffee beans without care and attention and you won’t get the best out of them and they will taste, well, unpleasant. No one wants a stale cup of coffee so follow our guide and you’ll make sure you have a fantastic, aromatic, flavorsome cup every time.

Get The Bean Right!

Firstly – whatever you do, make sure you buy a good quality coffee bean from a reputable roaster.

Buy something cheap or from a name you’ve never heard of will compromise the overall elements of your coffee and you want the best.

So buy the best you can afford and do some research before you invest in your coffee beans.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Keep It Airtight

  • Coffee beans need to be kept in an airtight container and they should be stored in a cool, dark place. Put your bag of coffee in a bright environment with humidity and they will spoil so think about where you keep your bag of coffee beans. It’s best to choose a dry cupboard that is dark inside.
  • Always empty the coffee bean retailer bag. Some people clip the retailer bag closed but this won’t retain the quality of your coffee because air, light and moisture will penetrate the bag, so go out and buy great canisters for your coffee.
  • Choose a good, sturdy container with a lid that really fits tight. Lots of coffee canisters have lids that allow air in because they simply aren’t a snug fit, so play around with different canisters.
  • Always choose an airtight container that isn’t transparent. The problem with transparency is it lets light in and this affects the flavor of the beans.
  • Don’t be tempted to leave your coffee in a dark, airtight canister on display in your kitchen either. You might have a great looking coffee canister but if your kitchen gets warm from the sunlight outside, central heating or during cooking it will affect those coffee beans.
  • Do put them away in a cabinet or kitchen cupboard, away from other items that are strong-smelling (such as herbs and spices); you wouldn’t want anything else to affect the flavor of your coffee!
Airtight container for coffee beans

Airtight container for coffee beans

Another great tip is not to overload your canister so buy small containers because sometimes, there’s just too much coffee to empty into just one container. You only need enough for a week or two at a time.

Alternatively, if you do buy large retail bags, make sure you have enough containers for your coffee because as soon as you open that bag, coffee starts the deterioration process. That’s because oxygen reaches it.

So, the best thing to do if you have a lot of coffee beans is to divide them up into lots of different containers or split them into very small containers with enough for two or three cups at a time.

Grind Before You Brew

Don’t grind your coffee before necessary as this also affects the flavor of your coffee. It’s best to grind coffee before you brew it to make sure you get the best tasting cup of coffee. That’s because if you remove the coffee beans and place them in a grinder they are immediately exposed to oxygen, so they start to deteriorate.

If you store that ground coffee for a while, it will go stale so it’s best advised to grind your beans before making your coffee.

Don’t Freeze Coffee Beans

Don’t be tempted to freeze your coffee. You’ll find different information on whether or not you should freeze coffee online but generally, coffee should be enjoyed fairly quickly following the roasting process and particularly after you open that bag of coffee beans!

When you freeze coffee, it absorbs moisture not to mention aroma from other products. If you do decide to go against the grain and freeze your coffee, do it quickly. Remove the coffee beans from the retailer pack, place in a very secure, airtight and opaque container and freeze it.

Don’t freeze it for a long time; keep it in there no more than a week or it will suffer with freezer burn. That’s why it’s not really worth keeping in the freezer at all, because you can only keep it in there for a short period of time.

So, to summarise, when you open your coffee bean bag, empty the contents into an airtight container which is not transparent. Then place the container into a dark cupboard away from humidity or moisture. That way you should preserve the life and the flavor of your favorite coffee beans. All you need is a good drip coffee maker!


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