How To Recognize a Good Coffee House?

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Every once in a while, everyone treats themselves to their favorite menu item from their local coffee house. When you take a break from you clunky home brewer and treat yourself to a frothy latte, it’s fair to expect an excellent coffee experience when you cross the threshold of a chic but pricey coffee house.

You’ll know whether or not you’re spending your hard earned cash at the right place if you can check a few of the things listed below off of your list.

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Are you acknowledged when you step through the door?

It’s fair to say that the baristas behind the counter could be swamped with a ton of specific orders, so there’s a chance that they might not acknowledge you when you walk through the doors on a busy morning.

Do they offer a variety of options?

While everyone likes to try the seasonal latte that most coffee houses will promote throughout the year, it’s not the best idea to drink these sugary beverages year round.

The best coffee houses will offer a mix of options. Tea (hot or iced), regular brewed coffee, and specialty drinks should be on the menu. It’s no fun to drink the same thing all the time, and a good coffee houses’ barista will make an effort to introduce you to new brews, blend, and flavors that your tastebuds, diet, and wallet.

Are they willing to educate you about the different types of coffee?

When you take a leap into the complicated world of high-end coffee, there should be someone around to show you the way (i.e., your barista).


There’s nothing worse than not knowing whether or not you should get the dark, light, or medium roast and being too intimidated to ask the difference.

At a great coffee house, your barista should be more than willing to educate you on their products. Here are a few different types of coffee and the key differences between them.

Dark Roast Blend

We’re going to bust a huge myth for you right now. Contrary to popular belief, the bolder your coffee tastes, the weaker it is. The smooth notes in one cup of dark roast coffee will not be nearly enough to prepare you for the long day ahead.

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Medium Roast Blends

The medium roast blend is what your barista should recommend if you’ve never been crazy about being wired from your first cup of coffee. For some people, their first cup of coffee is purely about the ritual of having it every day.

If you prefer a medium coffee that’s not too harsh but won’t leave you dragging by the early afternoon, ask your barista about which medium roasts your coffee house sells.

Light Roast Blend

A good coffee house should be willing to let you sample a small bit of each roast to help you figure out which one is your favorite.

Can your coffee house double as a second office?

cafe office

My second office

You’ll find that the best coffee houses provide an environment where creatives and business people are free to spend a few hours catching up on work.

In an excellent coffee house, you’ll have access to comfortable seating, free wi-fi, multiple electrical outlets that aren’t too close to other patrons, and at least two restrooms.

Additionally, unless you’re more comfortable in kid-friendly places, the best coffee houses are embraced by adults.

There’s nothing worse than the sound of a toddler’s wail while you’re trying to get work done-however, this can be disregarded if usually have a pair of headphones on hand and you don’t mind having kids around.

Does your coffee house make an effort to put out new pastries and snacks?

cafe pastries & snacks

pastries & snacks

It can be a huge red flag of your coffee house’s overall level of cleanliness and commitment to high standards and customer service satisfaction if the same muffins from the previous day are sitting behind the glass.

It’s best to take a look to see if the pastries have changed within two days of your first time seeing them.

Granted, some coffee houses will set display treats on the top shelf of their pastry shelves, but even these should be switched out pretty frequently.

Also, there should be a commitment to freshness present, and if your coffee house boasts that they’ve handmade the pastries, you should expect every pastry that you purchase to have been made that day.

Do they offer free refills for regular brewed coffee?

If you’re going to be doing a lot of work in your local coffee house, it’s only fair that they offer you a few refills on your coffee if you’ve been in the cafe for a while. Ask your barista about the rules on refills, and drink to your heart’s content.

Does your coffee house value your business?

However, when you cash in on your rewards, be sure to leave a small tip for your barista. While they should already be performing this service, this ensures that they’ll continue to make sure that you get the same fantastic service every time.

My favorite cafe – ‘Ino on Bedford Str.

Ino Cafe

‘Ino Cafe at Bedford Str.

I fell in love with the simplicity and style of this small Italian cafe. After 15 incredible years, ‘Ino closed its beloved Bedford street location. While this little spot in the West Village is where their journey began, it is certainly not where it ends. We hope to open a new location where we can enjoy you once again.

Last words from the owners:

To our most amazing and loyal customers and friends, thank you for keeping us company the last 15 years. Thank you for warming our bar stools and chairs.

Thank you for trying our truffled egg toast. Thank you for your stories, your laughs and your music recommendations.

Thank you for making our small little place feel so big. To our incredible staff both past and present, thank you for your hard work and perseverance. Thank you for caring for this place as if it were your own. Thank you for sharing your unique talents with us. Thank you for bringing more to the table. We could not have done it without you.



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